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Healing from the inside out.

Everyone has blockages. They can be physical, emotional, mental, sexual, or psychosomatic in nature, and the root cause can vary from person to person. They can come from everyday repetitive habits and experiences or from a painful memory or event that gets compounded over the years, Tantric healing is believed to remove energetic blockages related to sexual trauma. Some health experts believe trauma can be stored into the body, and physical therapeutic modalities—like tantric massage—can help heal those emotional wounds by "releasing" that trauma.

Massage used for tantric healing focuses on improving emotional and spiritual well-being. Through tantric massage, a person can cleanse and open up vital energetic gateways so there is an open channel for the energy to flow through. It also teaches the energy to start flowing upward. In this process, a skilled practitioner executing the massage can unlock the extraordinary healing benefits of a person's sexual energy. By using their own energy in a deliberate way, a therapist can arouse the energy of another person and teach it how to behave in a specific way to achieve a specific purpose.

I use various methods to both align and keep your body and spirit in balance. As a progressive Massage Therapist, I believe in nurturing rather than battling against the body. Get in touch to find out more.

Energy heeling massage

Outcall Massage for London Hotels 



350£ 60min session

450£ 90min session

Taxi will be paid upfront to be able confirm the booking.

*Exceptions are made for different postcode, please check with me by chat.

*Exceptions for Heathrow airport and Luton airport are made and uber will be paid upfront (150£  )

*Exceptions are made outside London, where prices will be double and uber will be paid in advance, tickets purchased by client.

*Bookings will be made with 2 h in advance to give the opportunity  to my new clients to extend massage session with 30 min.

home massage

Coaching for man

Feel more confidence and live life on your own terms 

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear, so the question what do you chose to focus on?

The Fast And Effective Approach To Addressing And Overcoming Your Sexual Issues.

Coaching and Sexological Bodywork can help you to fully inhabit your body, accept yourself with your own unique sexual preferences and needs, learn to overcome shame and communicate about your desires, and acquire tools and techniques to be a better lover, both for yourself, and for your partners.

Lasting, passionate love doesn’t come from luck – learn how to unlock deep connection and fulfillment in your relationships.

How It Works?

Step one:For your   first session you book for a 90minutes  massage session with me and in that time we can discuss more details.


Step two: Commitment leads to action. Stay focused on your  goals using  no more excuses.

What would you learn in the 1 to 1  sessions ?

How to become more self confident.

how to be more present in the moment.

How to establish a real connection with yourself. 

How to create that special connection through tantra massage and tantra touch, with your partner.

How to delay ejaculation and have more self control.

How to make her feel loved, wanned and how to give her the best orgasm, one that she/he will never forget.

You will be more powerful.

You will see life through the lenses of love and from a different perspective, and your energy will help you attract things in your life faster and easier.

Remember that in life everything it's connected.

You know by now that you attract and manifest things in your life using your energy.

To be able to live in the present moment means to be connected with yourself, to see things through the lenses of love and lock your fear out.

Doing that requires a lot of self confidence and that confidence that comes along with from your  experiences, experiences that might have changed you along the way. Trauma had a huge effect over that and since we established that you attract things in your life with your thoughts, your action, using your energy see how everything it' connected?

Let me ask you this!

Can you  perform in bedroom if your mind is thinking about ''How I am gonna sell that product? What if I am not good enough for this job?

What if I cannot find a pitch to tomorow presentation? What if I am not the perfect man for her? She looks too good to be true ,do I have a chance with her? How would I even approach her? What should I do now, in bed to show her that I am a real man?

How to finger her ?What is the correct angle? Will she fake the orgasm with me? etc '' .

So I am here to help every single step of the way to find yourself if you are lost, to make you believe in yourself again, to eliminate anxiety and fear from your life and focus on the positive ones. 

 Prices for Coaching Sessions

60 min session coaching 350£

90 min session of coaching 450£

This remains an outcall service for Central London.

You have the possibility to book for a  massage session , discuss over lunch, tea, etc

The idea is for you to feel comfortable.

Travelling is available as well.

Please check with me postcode by chat. 

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