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Energy heeling massage

A luxury outcall massage designed for London Hotels and Home visits .


Prices :

350£ 60min session

450£ 90min session

What you should expect to receive on this session?

First of all you expect to relax!

You should expect a licensed massage therapist with 10 years of experience to arrive on time! You should expect discretion, commitment and respect!

I assure you that your expectations will be fulfilled.

Can you give me some details about the massage and the techniques are you using?

I always start the first 30 min or so with relaxing massage (holistic , somatic ) the one that you are probably already used to have at Spa

If I feel tension, nods, there is pain in areas such as: neck and shoulders,  back pain, etc   with your permission I will focus on those areas first, add deep tissue techniques as a base and the next 30 min will be a full body massage , a relaxing atmosphere where I add some  tantra techniques and  ''play a little bit with intensities'' and release that stress inside your body.

Why is this different then the massage session  I get in the Spa Hotel?

When you book for a massage , you book for quality, experience. When you are tired, jet legged, travelled all day long you want to relax and need a good deep tissue massage and most of the times at Spa they say deep tissue, sport massage but it's more like gentle relaxing one and you need more then that. From there you can say '' good bye to stress'' take a hot shower and fall asleep.

Why go to Spa when you can book directly from the comfort of your own hotel room, more specific directly from your bed?

Why do I need to book the session in advance?

Because I love to organise my agenda wisely, traffic is insane and on top of that, if you are a new client and you want booked for 

60 min and you want to extent I can give you that opportunity as is happens more often that I could imagine.


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