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Every session of massage, every client that books a relaxing massage must receive a special attention, a special touch, not only for the body, for mind as well.

One of my goals is to make you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed at any time.

I consider that people always come into our lives for a reason and I am more then happy to connect with you and make your experience an amazing one.​

There a lot of things I can say about myself but I will only focus on the basic one such as:

I am a licensed massage therapist for 10 years, a tantra teacher for 8.

I started this business focusing strictly on the financial part , as time passed I started to love every single client, every single session.

For you might be just another massage session but for me it's more then just a simple business, it's my hobby, is my lifestyle and I am grateful for every single client that enters in my life and treats me with kindness.

Discretion is my middle name, I had the pleasure to work with celebrities, with famous people, wealthy mindsets so discretion is an important key in this field.

I am always punctual, most of the time I even end up having a coffee until the appointment , that kind of punctual :))

Regarding my session I always listen my intuition and always book in the client that has the best intention in his heart and has the right energy.

When is comes to my session I always listen my client desires. 

I have different techniques that I can combine in order for you to relax, to release tension, nods, and also still have time to ''play a little bit with intensities and energy''

Bless you for being here and happy to hear from you and book you soon.

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