Dinner & Events in London

Designed for a unique experience

1000£ / EVENT

1000£ / EVENT

My Mission?

I only have one mission in this life, to love myself and to work on myself every single day so I can bring your the best energy wherever I am.

Is social media real or fake this days?

Let me answer that by describing myself in a few words so you know who are you booking for dinner and events in London, shall we?

I love to think that I modest, honest, authentic to myself and to others. Every girl has a mystery of her own but most of the time I like to keep it real.

This service is designed to bring you a unique experience, engaging in smart conversations, having fun in your way, so why dine alone when you have me around? :)

Communication is my middle word, so I said to myself why not use that and make someone's day / evening a better one ?

Would be my pleasure to accept your invitation.

Just a short remainder:

I work very hard to  ''keep it positive'' and maintain a strong energy and bring all the good vibes so I have the right to select my clients.

If you have in your agenda words like : gentleman, chivalry , kindness, polite , respectful , you are welcome in my life, but if you are oppsite, well.. .I have the right to walk away without any explanation needed. 

Taxi will be paid upfront and the payment will be made at my arrival.