A unique experience

Smart conversations over lunch +massage sesssion

Lunch + Massage Session

I created this service on your requests.

Are you in London for business only ? Why grab lunch by yourself ?

My energy speaks before I even enter the room, smart conversations are my fav' ones and I have a feeling that you love smart & kind people as well.

Not to mention that I study to become a therapist and life coach so I consider myself an authentic , modest woman that has a desire to listen, share information and  bring good vibes on the table as well.

I will stop right here with this description and not try to '' sell anything '' because at the end of the day you will not book  because I am ''good ''with words, you will follow your instinct and when you will decide that I am the perfect choice, you will get back to me and I will confirm availability, see you soon !

I am available for Mayfair & Central London   

555£ for 2 hours

(1 h lunch +1 h massage session )  

55£ will be paid upfront for uber.

Book from website by chat and if I am in a session and cannot reply instantly, pls insert details and I will get back to you asap. 


Dinner + Massage Session

I added this section and this service on your requests.

I been told over and over again how amazing is my energy, how authentic my style can be, how much empathy I have to give/ take sometimes , how organised I am with my time and so many more compliments that I cannot thank you enough for! 

 I decided to ''grand your wish '' so we can spend more time together and extend those smart conversations that we started on the massage session.

My regular clients know exactly what I can '' bring on the table '' regarding good vibes, conversations, information, and make you feel comfortable anywhere you decide to invite me in Central London.

For those haven't had the chance to meet me , I can tell you that I love to spend time with people as I a Gemini sign and that  makes me an extrovert with lots of things to share, passion to always learn more.

The description can last for pages, so my conclusion is this :

Why dine alone when you can have me as an amazing company ?

Why not relax over a smart conversation and then relax over a massage session?

This package will have 3h 777£

( 2 for dinning and 1 h of massage session )

77£ will be paid upfront for taxi, rest on my arrival.

Please book in advance! 

Thank you .See you soon! x


Book for lunch +massage between 12-3 PM
Book for dinner +massage  between 6 -9 PM


Travelling to your hotel room anywhere in Europe

Why spend time and energy searching for a massage service in a different country when it's already evening and the spa are already closed, and you are tired, maybe jet legged, or just had a long day with a long business meeting, when you can invest 5 minutes of your time, book me and have a late evening/ night massage directly to your hotel room ?

This service is designed at your request in order to save you time and energy.

Bookings will be made exactly like in London, with 2 hours in advance as it remains an out call massage service.

Prices for travelling :

1000£ One session of 2h B2B (24H)

1800£ Two sessions of 2h B2B(48H)

Tickets + taxi +30% of massage service fee paid upfront

I will be in charge of my hotel.

I will only accept bookings that will come by email in a formal way that will contain details such as : dates , country. Thank you !